Playing questions,
all the cool kids are doing it!

Drag the middle image onto the right answer.
if you are right you get a point.

yay :)


Creating your own questions
is easy and fun!

Think of a funny question.
Create the question and 4 answers out of images.
Send to friend.

Yay :)

See how you rank against other players from all over the world

Have game statistics, questions you've answered right and wrong,
and lots more data..

yay :)



Make a question, see who gets it.

Whaatt is a simple and fun social trivia game. You create a question, composed out of 5 pictures and your friends needs to answer correctly.
You can create your own questions or just play the tags you find interesting.
The questions are not always straight forward and sometimes it takes a while to understand what the creator had in mind.

Or in other words, whaatt??  


Qusetion image taken by David Shankbone